About Me

Photography is a hobby of mine that I enjoy more every day. I started by taking pictures around town trying to perfect my eye and see things differently than they appeared to others. I try to pick things that people see all the time and show you how I see that same thing.

Another hobby of mine is riding my motorcycle, how much better could it get than combining the two? I now take long rides with my wife whenever we can looking for interesting photographic opportunities.

My camera is always with me be it on my motorcycle or in my Jeep Wrangler. My eyes and my wife’s eyes are always looking for that interesting shot. Of course the trips take a little longer because I stop often to snap a few shots…

I have sold many of my photos online on Etsy and Artfire and have them for sale at small local shops in Berlin, MD and Lewes DE. And of course have given the “Family Discount” to many friends that have purchased my work.

It makes me happy to see that my work is admired by others and that my photos are hanging in others homes and offices for them to enjoy.

me and baby

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