Assateague Island Wild Ponies

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Just another day at the beach: One of the greatest things about living were we do is the beach. What makes it even better is that we have a 16 mile stretch that we can drive our 4X4 vehicles on and experience the each in a whole different way.
Assateague Island allows 4X4 vehicles to drive on the beach with the proper pass year round from the Berlin, MD 16 miles down to Chincoteague, VA. Now for those who have never experienced going to the beach like this you are missing out on the best beach experience there is.


When you go the beach the way we do you need to drive out. We load up with chairs, coolers, boogie boards and surfboards as well as lacrosse sticks, bocce and anything else we feel like taking. There is no way I would want to carry all this stuff.

In any event we are always prepared for a day of boogie boarding, surfing and some good old family fun.

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On most occasions you can find a nice spot to set up for the day that is pretty private. Unlike going to the beach as most of know where you have to walk in between blankets and people to find your little spot, you drive until you find a gap big enough to keep you separated from others. Or you can go out with some friends and enjoy the day together without unwanted guests. Well almost….

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At any time you will see these wild ponies walking up and down the beach. They are not shy by any means and will not hesitate to crash your bbq or steal a bag of chips or cookies right in front of you. Even with that it is quite a sight to see and know that these ponies have roamed this island for many years. There are a few stories on how the ponies got here, some say they are the survivors or a shipwreck off the coast of VA while others say that in the 17th century horse owners from the mainland brought them here to avoid fencing laws and taxation of livestock. As far as I know there is no proof of either explanation.

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However they got here it is really amazing to see them running free in such a beautiful place. They have survived the brutal summers and cold winters and continue to thrive in the area.

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  1. Thanks Andrea, we drive out on the beach about every weekend during the season. Sometimes we go early in the morning and stay all day and some time we go later in the day, light a fire, cook some dinner, and relax under the stars. Nice having this playground 15 minutes from home.

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