Barber Shop Sign


This past summer we took a family vacation to OBX North Carolina. We rented a house with a pool and hot tub across the street from the beach in Kill Devil Hills. When we got there everyone was very excited for the week. My son was looking forward to surfing as OBX has a good reputation for surfing and my daughters were looking forward to maintaining their tans.

Well on day 1 there were no waves at all. I mean not a one! Within the first hour of being at the beach we were chased off by a thunderstorm. That evening I cooked out on the grill in the middle of a thunderstorm and the kids jumped in the pool between storms.

I looked ahead at the surf report and it was not looking good at all. I looked at the tide changes and told my son maybe tomorrow morning… Of course checking the surf report back at home the waves were looking good for the whole week. Go Figure.

Needless to say we picked the week that had thunderstorms predicted for everyday of the week. Each morning we got up got our stuff together went to the beach and came back home in a few hours. Every morning I woke up around 5 am and walked over to the beach to see if there were any waves. One morning there were some, few but some. I woke my son up at 5:15 and we paddled out. It was pretty cool heading out just before the sun came up but the water was freezing.

During the week we tried to find things to do in between the storms. One afternoon we took a ride over to Manteo and walked around in the rain visiting the small shops. I tried to take a few pictures that day but the weather just was not cooperating. I did however find this cool idea for a sign at the local barber shop.

As you can see below the original picture was nothing to talk about. I almost deleted it but the other night I started playing around with it in photoshop and was surprised I was able to salvage this shot.


I love taking pictures of signs especially odd ones that you don’t see every day. This is one of those signs.

Hope you like it.

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