The Old Rusty Mailbox

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OK so when you are done reading this story you are going to say, “No Way”! I am telling you this actually happened. This was one freaky experience.

So during one of travels on the 2011 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic we came upon what we will call “The Bates Motel 2”. This freaked me out so much that I am not going to name where we were or add any pictures other than the mailbox just in case…

As it was getting late in the day we stopped during a little rain shower and decided we should call ahead and book a room. Now I thought my wife was calling the hotel that we had talked about and said we wanted to stay at, but in some bit of confusion she had called another place with a similar name the next exit down the road.

As we rode up to the three story establishment we both immediately noticed that there were no cars at all. Now this was a little strange as the guy had told my wife on the phone that he had a few rooms left. When we parked the bike before I even shut it off the operator of the establishment was standing right there next to us. He greeted us inches away from the bike before we even got off. We followed him inside and got our key and he told us where our room was. He then told me I could park the bike around back in the covered parking area. At this moment my wife and I felt relieved as that was where the rest of the patrons were parked, NOT!!! I rode the bike up the steep driveway around back only to find no other cars or bikes.

My wife met me up on the third floor where our room was and we entered our room. It was very large and nice, very rustic but nice. I opened the door to the deck that spanned the entire third floor to take a look outside. As I was standing there looking at the view, the operator of the motel came out of the door from the room next to ours.  I was a little startled as I did not expect that. He asked if everything was alright with the room and I said yes. He then just stood there. I then excused myself and went back into our room. I told my wife what just happened and she was a little freaked out. We then noticed that the only lock on that door was the door handle and it opened with a key from the outside. No chain, no deadbolt.

We were hungry so we got changed and started to walk to the only place to eat within walking distance. As we walked downstairs we again were met by the operator of the motel asking us what we were doing. We said going to get something to eat and kept walking. He said OK, he then told said “A few of us will be gathering on the second floor deck later if you want to join us”.

Now remember there is nobody else staying in the motel except for us. No people, no cars, no motorcycles, just us. As we sat for dinner we could see across to our motel. I started messing around with my wife saying things like “I bet he is in our room right now trying on your underwear” etc.. We will be gathering on the second floor deck, Who we are the only ones around. I had said to my wife maybe a bunch of mannequins dressed up… As we were eating I said to my wife “No mother I won’t kill them they are nice people”. At this point my wife is telling me to shut up!

After a very nice dinner we walked back to our motel and again we were met by our friend. We said we were tired and going to go lay down as we had a long ride ahead of us the next day. He said OK and told us if we needed anything he was in the room right across the hall from ours. The room right across from ours? There must have been 50 rooms in this place and we are in the room right across from his!

As you can imagine neither of us slept much that night. Knowing the deck door could be open with a key from the outside and our friend is in the room right across from us, just a little nerving.

We could not wait for morning so we could pack the bike and get out of there.

The next morning I went out and moved the bike right outside the doors so we could load up and get out ASAP. As you might have guessed I was met in the upper parking lot by our friend. He was just talking and talking and talking. I really wanted to walk away and get the rest of our stuff loaded up but I had my camera and Ipad in one saddlebag and my wallet in the other and neither were locked. I felt a little weird about locking the bags in front of him so I was looking for an out. Thankfully my wife knew I needed to be rescued so she came outside to get me.

Now if the story was not weird enough …There were two doors we came out the left door, but for some reason my wife opened the right door to go back in. As we walked in we walked into a sitting room with old furniture, and sitting in an old chair looking out the window was a mannequin dressed up like an old lady with a dress from the early 1900’s and a big hat. YES AN OLD LADY SITTING IN A CHAIR LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW MOTHER!!!

As you can imagine we ran back to our room got the rest of our stuff and rode out of there as fast as we could. As we were driving away I was yelling, “No mother I won’t kill them, I like them” and my wife was hitting me on the shoulder.

Yes this really happened. If we were not so freaked out and my camera was not packed away I would have taken a picture.

So what about the mailbox? It was across the street from “The Bates Motel” and I took this picture while we were walking to dinner. I liked it and thought it would look nice in black & white.

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