A Man and his Dog

man and dog

I love taking pictures of many types of subjects. One of my favorite things to take pictures of is Street Musicians in the cities I visit. Unlike taking pictures of buildings, signs, and landscapes this is a little more challenging and much harder to get a picture worthy of talking about.

I have missed many good opportunities to capture street musicians due to shyness or the feeling that I was invading their privacy. Many of my early pictures are from afar and not very good. Slowly I started trying to get closer tighter shots that would be quality photos. Every trip to a city I would seek out these musicians and try and get a few pictures. I finally had gotten up enough nerve to stand there close to a subject and take a few pictures in New York City of a guy playing drums on buckets and pots and pans. There was a large crowd standing around watching him play and I lifted my camera closed in on my subject and he stopped playing and yelled NO!!! Of course I now feel stupid and people are looking at me ect… So there went all my confidence for taking these types of pictures…

After giving it some thought I told myself it was alright to capture these performers and I was just going to get in there and get a shot when I saw one. Since that day I have taken many pictures of Street Musicians, not all have come out as I would have liked but some are really good. I will post some of my best ones from time to time, all are black & white.

While walking around Asheville, North Carolina one chilly Sunday morning I saw this man sitting against a building playing his Acoustic guitar, case open for donations while his girl was sitting next to him reading a book and his dog was sprawled out in front of him.

I took multiple pictures of this musician that morning from different angles and this one showed best what I saw that day.

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