Vintage Glass Coke Bottles

Coke Bottles

A simple story behind this picture that I have sold quite a few of and have gotten many compliments on.  On rainy or cold Saturdays when we can’t take out one of the toys to play or go to the beach we like to get in the Jeep Wrangler and ride to different antique shops mostly on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Sometimes we hit the ones close by and other times we take a little longer ride to areas unknown. We are always on the search for vintage wooden water skies. What we do with these old skies is stock pile them and make Wooden Water ski Adirondack Chairs. (If anyone wants one contact me for pricing.)

yankee tree

I always take my Canon 60D as you never know what you are going to see along the way. Also you never know when that perfect picture is waiting around the corner to be taken in one of these shops.

Now let me start by saying I love Coca Cola, not diet, not Pepsi, but the original Coca Cola Coke brand. I used to drink quite a bit a day until I had Kidney Stones a couple years back that were the worst pain I have ever experienced. Now I have had broken bones, tore my ACL, had dislocations,sprains and had staples and stitches and I can tell you these Kidney Stones put them all to shame. So on advice of a medical professional (My Wife) I drink much less Coke and have not had an issue since.

I also am a big fan of the American Pickers and as they always say Advertising and Advertising Memorabilia are always in demand. So I always keep my eye out for items like this.

When we go to these antique shops we are both looking at different things. My wife is looking for things she can pick up that she collects or things that she remembers her mother or grandmother having when she was a kid. I am looking for something to take a picture of. On this particular day as I was searching for that “perfect” picture I came around the corner and there it was. As soon as I saw these old glass coke bottles in a vintage wooden crate I knew I found my “perfect” picture for the day. If I had tried to stage this photo it could not have come out better. The setting was absolutely perfect, the surroundings and the lighting. I snapped a few variations of this setting from different focal lengths at different settings and this was the best of the best.

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